@ home with Gary Numan

Join Micah Smith for a „Home Story“ with industrial synth rock legend Gary Numan.

Join Micah Smith and the MusicLab team for a neuH  exclusive „Home Story“ with industrial synth rock legend Gary Numan.  In this video, Gary discusses his upcoming tour, the release of his amazing new box set „Live At The Forum“ and his 3 consecutive #1 albums from 1979-1980.

Gary Numan had his 1st number one single and album in the United Kingdom 37 years ago in 1979. Two more #1 chart topping albums soon followed ,  cementing his musical super-stardom that to this day is stronger than ever. Gary’s ultra-hip fan base is a virtual who’s who of celebrity street credibility. His openly vocal devotees include Lady Gaga , Prince, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Kanye West and Korn.  In 2012 the sun  began to shine brighter in Los Angeles  after Gary uprooted his family from England  now calling „The City Of Angels“ home. Shortly thereafter releasing one of his most critically acclaimed albums in the past decade ,  „Splinter , “  one year later in 2013. Knee deep in the trenches of “ W orking on my next album“ with a goal shattering Pledge Music  campaign the door to Gary’s future looks „totally awesome bro“!!

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